8-week core program + 4 masterclasses + Reclaimer Membership (3 months)

We all want to love and be loved, to feel less stressed, less afraid, and instead, more at peace, confident and authentic - to name but a few. It is possible to live, love, work, play, and yes, handle what life throws at you, with your self-esteem in tow.

Build Your Self-Esteem 2.0 (it's a brand new version of my most popular course) is my online program designed to help you build your confidence and recognise and assert your value, so that you feel and act like the worthwhile person that you already are.


When you build your self-esteem, you will not only stop taking ownership of other people’s feelings and behaviour, but you will also stop engaging in situations and with people that basically do less for you than what you can already do for yourself.

Whether you’ve always struggled to have a healthy relationship with you or have experienced a recent knock that’s left you feeling lost, this course not only teaches you about subjects that help you deepen your knowledge and awareness about emotions and relationships, but also provides you with lots of mindset shifts, inspiration and advice.

Most importantly, I teach you the how part that so many people struggle with so the course is packed with practical tools and strategies to help you connect with your true self and navigate the journey that is life.

Build Your Self-Esteem is essentially a major BS (bullsh*t) Diet — reduce your excess emotional baggage created by unprocessed pain, fear and guilt that’s showing up in your life as old stories and judgements on repeat, as well as blame, shame and self-criticism, to name but a few.

You will gain perspective and begin the healing process for aspects of your past that have been holding you back so that you don't keep finding yourself in situations where you say one thing but do another despite your intentions and efforts.

reclaim your baggage before it claims anymore of your happiness

Early-bird £549 (approx US$767 / EUR 620). Full rate £649

Registration opens April 2019

limited places available on the course | payment plan available | includes 3 months Reclaimer Membership


If you want to make the most of opportunities that come your way, to make self-supporting choices and decisions and to enjoy boundaried, loving relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and yes, romantic partners, you need good self-esteem.

You don't need perfect self-esteem but you need enough so that you differentiate between the past and the present and are able to own yourself, and more importantly, value yourself.

If you have had any of the following issues on an ongoing basis, building up your self-esteem will be transformative:

  • Trusting yourself and others, including knowing where to invest your time, energy, efforts and emotions

  • Accepting crumbs, whether it's from romantic partners, friends, family, co-workers or yourself, so you accept less than what you need, desire and expect

  • You're able to do some practical things to take care of you but struggle with knowing and meeting your emotional, mental, physical and even spiritual needs, tending to rely on external esteem

  • Fear, pain, guilt, and of course, problems around knowing, creating and living your boundaries

  • Perfectionism and being self-critical including not allowing you to move on from the past with forgiveness and self-compassion

  • Craving the attention, affection, approval, validation and/or love from a parent/caregiver or someone else significant from your early life and as a result, your relationship or attitude about this person is still an issue in the present

  • Feeling guilty and obliged on a regular basis so taking responsibility for everyone's feelings and behaviour and trying to be The Good Girl (or The Good Guy) even though it hurts

  • Struggling to disentangle yourself from an incompatible or even toxic partnering

  • Establishing a separate identity to your parent and/or other family members and being okay with it

  • Sabotaging good opportunities

  • Unable to cope with conflict, criticism, stress, disappointment and rejection

  • Being the Fallback Girl (or Guy) with a Mr or Miss Unavailable

  • Excessively emotionally reliant on others and so engaging in codependent habits including people pleasing

These are just a selection of issues that are significantly and positively impacted by improving the way that you feel about and treat you.

Decluttering the baggage behind your current level of self-esteem will save you years spent bumbling around in confusion, pain and fear.

Build Your Self-Esteem is comprised of eight areas featuring video classes (including audio versions) along with resources including worksheets, workbooks, tip sheets and mini ebooks. After the core program, you have your choice of four masterclasses to strengthen key aspects of your life.

#1 The Foundation: Love, Care, Trust & Respect

Understanding what self-esteem actually is in relatable and applicable terms, what builds it, an introduction to what drags it down (the blocks), and what self-esteem means to your day-to-day experiences and relationships, including an introduction to needs, expectations and desires.

#2 Beliefs

Begin overhauling your mindset and attitude by diving in deep to beliefs and how to begin overhauling and letting go of the stories, judgements and essentially, your reasoning habits, that are dragging your self-esteem down and holding you hostage to the past.

#3 Feeling To Heal

Tackling blame, shame, fear, doubt, resentment and more so that you can start to embrace and utilise your feelings in more constructive and empowering ways, instead of being overwhelmed by them. Get guidance on managing your inner critic and embracing your younger self.

#4 Beginning The Journey Home

Returning to your core, authentic self-- which has always been there --is about letting go. Learn about forgiveness, self-compassion and empathy for a transformative shift in mindset and attitude.

#5 Becoming More of Who You Really Are

Values - What are they, how to identify and live by yours, how to use them to help you navigate life to the people, experiences and relationships that are most in alignment with you, and of course, what to do when it’s becoming obvious that a values difference between you and another is becoming too big to ignore.

#6 Owning Yourself

Without healthy boundaries, you quite simply cannot have self-esteem. Using the building blocks of the previous weeks, learn about the liberation of discovering where you end and others begin, the all-important how to put boundaries into practice, along with how to use boundaries to move you on from the past and reduce emotional baggage.

#7 Building Resilience In Your Emotional Backbone

Experience radical mindset shifts about life’s inevitables - conflict, criticism, disappointment, rejection, loss and stress - so that you continue healing but also so that you can start building your confidence in dealing with these areas, developing personal strategies and moving you forward.

#8 Self-Care As A Way of Life

Expand your experience of taking this course and learn how to apply what you’ve learned into your day-to-day, week-to-week living. Includes understanding what self-care is, self-soothing and learning how to listen to your body.


Choose four deep dive classes to help cement your transformation: Family, Dating & Relationships, Work, Money, Health Habits, Friendship. Available on completion of the 8-week program and unfolding one class per week (4 weeks in total).

Learn how to build and nurture your self-esteem so that you minimise the time, energy, effort and emotions spent on the people and situations that aren't right for you and instead, invest in loving situations and people.


I share what I've learned from road-testing and utilising practices for growing my self-esteem from scratch and all while creating, forging and sustaining a loving, committed partnership, becoming a mother, navigating tricky family, becoming self-employed and reclaiming more and more of myself as I’ve confronted my past and healed over the years. And I've done all of this while sharing my journey and guiding others here at Baggage Reclaim.

I used to think that it would take years of ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’ myself before I could overcome the wounds of my childhood and adulthood, and finally be allowed to experience love. Totally not true. As someone who experienced abandonment and other forms of trauma in childhood, as well as painful unavailable relationships, assault, toxic interactions with family and utter loss of self, I am living proof that not only can you reclaim yourself, but that you can do it alongside living and loving. You don't need to fix yourself in order to love; you need to love to love.


>> One year's access to the course

>> 3 months follow-on Reclaimer Membership, my monthly subscription for supporting your self-care and personal growth (worth £75/$US97))

>> Fortnightly Q&A sessions during the 8-week course and monthly for the remaining 3 months

>> Access to the Baggage Reclaim School secret Facebook group along with a private group exclusively for your cohort.

>> BONUS masterclasses: Your choice of 4 follow-up classes. Choose from Family, Dating & Relationships, Work, Health Habits, Friendship, and Money Habits. Worth £97/US$136 each.

more details on what's included

Access: Yes, the course itself is 8 weeks but don't panic about having to get it all 'done' in that time as you have one year's access.

Classes: All classes are in video format with audio versions, plus resources for each area of the program. The materials are yours to watch, read and listen to whenever you like. Obviously don't share them with people outside of the program!

Office Hours: During the course, I am online every second Wednesday afternoon to answer questions. Submit beforehand or on the day. Some sessions are done via email and new for 2018, some are done by video. Responses are available in the Answer Bank (no names are included) and each use of Office Hours is worth at least £89 (the minimum amount I charge clients for a quick email consultation), so make the most of it.

Facebook group: There's a secret Facebook group (not visible to the public) which is for all course students and Reclaimer members plus I am creating a dedicated group for Build Your Self-Esteem.

Masterclasses: These are designed to take your Build Your Self-Esteem knowledge into focused areas where you may already experience impacts on your self-esteem, possibly without even knowing it. Turbocharge your awareness and confidence so that you can radically improve these areas and bring everything into alignment with your desire for living with love, care, trust and respect.

Reclaimer Membership: Packed full of resources for helping you to become more of who you are and to navigate life's highs and lows with confidence, this is like a gym membership for your self-esteem.


What’s the difference between the original Build Your Self-Esteem and this version?

The original course has been retired although you can still access it in the most recent format if you are a previous student of it or you are already a member of Baggage Reclaim School and so able to book on to courses that are not necessarily available to the public. This edition is brand new, so while it takes inspiration from the old classes and use some of the teachings, it will be new teachings in video and audio format. The ‘modules’ are also different and they unfold in a different order, plus this edition also brings into it the development of my teachings since I launched the course almost 6 years ago. Modules have also been condensed to help you move through a subject quicker so that you can get on with the application in your day-to-day living.

Can I transfer from the original?

Yes, just do so via the courses website or private Facebook Group - you need to be logged in (if you're doing it via the courses website) so that you can get the special rate.

Why are prices quoted in British pounds?

Because I'm based in England. Any amounts quoted in Euros or US Dollars are approximate.

What’s the difference between Build Your Self-Esteem 2.0 and Break The Cycle (formerly The Breakthrough)?

Build Your Self-Esteem takes a holistic approach to improving the way that you feel about and treat you and Break The Cycle is about looking at what's in the space between your conscious desire for a relationship and actual outcomes, so that you can heal the past and move from unavailable relationships and experiences to more loving relationships.

Do I have to do the core program in 8 weeks?

No, you have one year to do the program, which you can extend for another year if desired. I appreciate that we’re all juggling existing commitments so there isn’t an expectation to take off lots of time to make the course happen but it is about creating space to do the work and listening to the needs of your body along the way.

Why 6 months (in total - 8-week core program + 4 weeks of masterclasses + 3 months Reclaimer Membership)?

I’ve been teaching Build Your Self-Esteem and other courses for 6 years and I’ve become attuned to what level of support is expected as well as the non-linear journey of learning to like and love you.

Yes, maybe every major stressor that’s going to come up for you will be in the next 8-12 weeks, but if life is anything like its usual self, you will encounter, not just bumps that are stressy because they’re attached to something painful, but also bumps that are actually related to joyful experiences that you might not know how to cope with.

Working with me for 6 months means that you have a process and support to lean on plus, it means that additional resources can be added where needed.

Do I need to show up at a particular time?

Unless you want to take part in Office Hours (Q&A sessions) or I’m running an additional live webinar (I make replays available anyway), there is no fixed time.

Can I pay monthly?

There’s the option to pay in full or pay in three installments. To pay in six, please email natalie AT baggagereclaim.co.uk with ‘application to pay in 6 installments’ and we (myself or my school manager) will be in touch within 24-48 hours. Unless you are an existing student with no defaults, it's not possible to pay over 12 months.

Do you offer scholarships?

I tend to offer a few scholarships on major courses as I recognise that some people really want to do the work but are not in a financial position to do so. To apply, email natalie AT baggagereclaim.co.uk with ‘scholarship application’ and I will be in touch.

I’m an existing student--do I get a discount?

Yes. If you have taken a course within the last year or are a Reclaimer Membership subscriber, you get the maximum student discount.

I’m based in the E.U. - Do I pay VAT?

VAT doesn't apply for this particular program.

What's your refund policy?

Cancel up to 7th day of the program for a no questions asked refund. After that, you will need to provide all completed coursework up to that point. If you have availed of the bonuses, the full price value of each bonus will be deducted from your refund amount.

Is there anybody this course isn't suited to?

If you want or need a lot of hand-holding, the DIY version of this course isn't appropriate and you would either be better suited to working with me one-t0-one through the coaching version of the course or, it might be better to work directly with a professional.

If you're not sure whether you want to do the course and are possibly already coming up with reasons to avoid the work or to ask for a refund, don't sign up. Please only sign up if you're serious about doing the work because someone else will miss out on that place. I love that I get to teach groups of people who even though they might find it challenging and confronting at times to delve into this topic, they're committed.