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The Pattern Breaker | Self-Study

Do you feel as if you’re stuck in a ‘disappointment cycle’ where you want to change and are even trying to, but find yourself in the same or similar situations? Are you engaging in relationship insanity – carrying the same baggage, beliefs, and behaviours, being with similar people in different packages and expecting different results? Are you waking up to the fact that you don’t know who you are or why you’re making certain choices? Get conscious, aware, and present, by uncovering your pattern and identifying the habits of thinking and behaviour that are holding you back from living your life happily and authentically. Find out more.

Build Your Self-Esteem | Registration Closed

Whether it’s regaining your self-esteem mojo or learning to value and love yourself, this eight week course will teach you about self-esteem, help you build your confidence, challenge misconceptions you hold about yourself, tackle hotspots such as rejection, disappointment and fear, and ultimately lay the foundations to create and stick to a habit of self-love. Read more.


The No Contact Rule 6 Week eCourse – Registration currently closed

Cut the ties, insert and maintain boundaries, and regain your confidence with this six week course on breaking up from difficult relationships. If you keep going back, are repeatedly disappointed and feel like your life is derailing over someone you can’t seem to let go of, help is at hand. Read more.


Reclaiming You: From people pleaser to a happier, assertive you. Registration closed – immediate access date TBA

Lost your voice and sense of self? Feeling the painful effects of being in situations and relationships where you’re suppressed while pleasing others for validation? Feel like you’re ‘good’ and are not rewarded for it? Feel terrible about saying no? Help is at hand! This 12-week ecourse is designed to transform the way you view you and being assertive, with plenty of theory and practical, hands on tips, tools and exercises for adapting your current people pleasing habits. Read more.


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My Book - Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl

Stop believing that you did something to make them unavailable or that their inadequacies are down to your inadequacies - it is not about you; they are unavailable!