Terms & Conditions for Reclaimer Membership

Reclaimer Membership

Please note the following T&C’s for registering for Reclaimer Membership (formerly known as The Library) on Baggage Reclaim School, the private membership area for Baggage Reclaim. 

Subscriptions. Please respect the terms of the subscription plan. We appreciate that circumstances can change, but it is better to let us know asap than to default by accident (assuming you don’t want to cancel). If you default on your subscription and we are not able to obtain payment from you within 72 hours, you will be removed from Reclaimer Membership as per a cancellation. You will not be entitled to any refund of monies paid.

Copyright. All material (written, audio, video etc) is for your use only and sharing of course content outside Reclaimer Membership and the site where it’s hosted is strictly prohibited and constitutes a copyright infringement.

Privacy. Reclaimer Membership, as well as courses/classes you access on the site where these are hosted, are members only. Please don’t share your login information. This is to help protect the privacy of members, the security of the site, and also the security of subscription content. If you become a member of the private Facebook group (or any closed group spin-offs), please don’t disclose the membership of other participants or what they share, in the public domain. Failure to stick to community guidelines will result in your removal from the school and any groups. You will not be entitled to a refund.

Registration. Your receipt is your registration confirmation although you will receive an additional email confirming your purchase. You will automatically be registered and have immediate access.

Cancellations. If you need to cancel, you can do so at any time, no questions asked. Your cancellation will stop the next payment being made, and your access will end the day before your subscription would have renewed. Your access to the membership and other linked services will end at this time. No part refunds will be granted, so please ensure you cancel at least three days before your subscription is due.