I had to share this poem written by Baggage Reclaim reader Elizabeth Scott a Fallback Girl who has been reading this blog for the past six months. She wanted to say thank you and share her poem, which captures the essence of the emotional stone wall, that is being involved with a Mr Unavailable.

Running from the arms of one yet to another

Desperate for love, but afraid to smother

Restless souls whose passion briefly burns bright

Quickly fading to ash in the dawn of real love’s light

These lovers who woo, but cannot sustain

Fickle of feeling – bringing confusion and pain

Self loathing then forcing them to run every time

Insatiably searching, but never finding love sublime

Do not suffer false love’s orphans from the start

Loving them will only break your heart

Neither hate them for their poverty of feeling

Lest it send your own love spirit reeling

One without self love has nothing to give

And your love pours through them like a sieve

Elizabeth S. Scott, May 2008

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