In the dating cycle, you tend to end up with a guy that is vastly different from your last ex. If he is better in more ways than your ex, he could be considered an Upgrade…however if he is worse, then he is most definitely a Downgrade.
From each one of your relationships that didn’t work out, a valuable lesson must have been learned by you. This is the only way that you can improve yourself, your judgement and your intuition, and not relive the mistakes of the past.

A Bad Girl upgrades every single time she starts a relationship. Your new guy has got to be better than your ex; smarter, nicer, hotter, better in bed, more romantic etc. If he isn’t better than your Ex, then what the f*ck are you doing with him?

Seriously, I know that it cannot be in your master plan to regress back to a lesson that you should have already previously learned.

For example, one of my exes was antisocial. He was an introvert, without a social bone in his body. Even though opposites attract, this is one relationship that was doomed from the onset. With our different personalities it was so difficult to find a common ground. Will you ever catch me dating an introverted antisocial being again? Hell no. Lesson learned.

In looking into my dating history, I have realized that each of my relationships were better than the last one. Each of my exes was better than the last one. You have to keep improving and climbing the ladder. It’s only then can you reach your desired end.

Learn from your mistakes and stop repeating them over and over again in your next relationship. Get an upgrade.
Vixen is Deputy Editor for Baggage Reclaim. Visit her blog Bad Girls Guide

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