Drum these thoughts into your head and improve your personal happiness and in turn who you attract. I can’t say you’ll improve your memory like traditional brain training, but change how you think and change your relationships.

1. You can’t change his behaviour but you can change your own. Ask yourself each time, “What can I be doing differently?”

2. Exhale, embrace and enjoy because otherwise you’ll be a wary, jaded commitment-phobe that attracts the wrong type of man.

3. If you can’t be positive about dating, don’t date.

4. Good Relationships come from Good Love come from Good Attitudes come from Two People with Good Healthy Personal Attitudes.

5. One person does not a relationship make. If one of you is doing all the work, it doesn’t mean jack.

6. It’s only a committed relationship if both of you think it is.

7. The only numbers that work well with relationships is numbers ONE and TWO. You must be number one and there can only be two in the relationship. Obviously don’t go adding one and two together…

8. Once you have to convince yourself that the sex doesn’t mean anything and it’s just casual, it already means something.

9. There is nothing wrong with having no frills casual sex. There is however trouble brewing if you’re just saying it’s casual because you think it’s what the other person wants to hear.

10. Never put yourself on layaway. If the person says they aren’t ready for a relationship, don’t hang around for crumbs. Why buy the cow if you can drink the milk for free?

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