1. It’s always a good start to have a partner that acknowledges that they are in a relationship with you. It is shocking how many women are in ‘relationships’ that are no more than being a Friday Night girl, booty-call or a f*ck buddy.

2. You feel good. Being in a relationship is not about having more drama than a soap opera. Good relationships make you feel good about yourself. Bad relationships have you feeling downright awful about things, often uncertain, yet you’re still there.

3. You’ve been introduced to their friends and family. Partners that keep you away from the important people in their lives don’t reek of being people that want to be in an out in the open, fulfilling relationship. Be suspicious when they keep you stashed away from those that matter.

4. You’re open to being loved, loving and to trusting and being trusted. No matter how much you want a person, if you can’t do these things or be these things, the relationship will flounder.

5. You can be yourself and they love you just the same. No fake stuff, no being uber nice because you think it will get you better results, no pretending. The act can only last so long anyway…

6. You’re not trying to change them or living off a projected image of them. Living off potential kills relationships and the quicker you live in reality is the quicker you start to either have a real relationship or get the hell out.

7. You have both feet in the relationship. Relationships don’t flourish when one foot is lingering outside whilst you figure if they or a relationship is what you want. Embrace it and enjoy!

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