I have mentioned on my blog quite a few times that I sometimes spend my Friday night in wearing not much else but my boudoir knickers and started a tiny little trend. The pair on the left is an example of one of the pairs I own and when I wear them, I feel sexy, liberated and commander of my bacholorette pad. This is my guide to boudoir knickering it NML style.
Mimi Holliday - Black Lace tie side knicker

What Makes a Knicker ‘Boudoir’?

Your boudoir knickers should SCREAM sexy. They should feel and look feminine and sexy, but most importantly, you should feel like a sexy woman without a man being within 50 paces when you have these on!
They are not thongs/g-strings! You can not spend the evening lounging around in a thong, chaffing the arse off yourself on the furniture or feeling the breeze up the crack of your arse! This is all about full back leaving an air of mystery but also giving you the ability to lounge comfortably.
When you are purchasing boudoir knickers, think frills, lace, ribbons, embroidery, detail, silk, mesh, va-va-voom prints such as animal print and even girly patterns. Boxer knickers are allowed but must be sexy!
As a guideline, the more boudoir they are, the less likely that they will actually ever leave the house as they don’t fit under your clothing. Baggage Reclaim girls don’t have VPL’s (visible panty lines) and I don’t care how much you love your boudoir knickers, don’t create lines!

How to have a Boudoir Knickered night in

Sarah Fisk - Poppy Silk brief1. Prepare your home for a night in. Decide what you’ll watch, tidy up so you don’t feel antsy about tidying the place, light some candles or burn some incense. Oh and turn the heating on.

2. Either cook/order the takeaway and eat beforehand, but don’t do the cooking once you’re in the boudoir knickers! You could burn yourself but most importantly for a vain girls is that you don’t want to ruin your effort in the shower and on the scents by wreaking of whatever you’ve cooked! I tend to have a little dessert to add to my decadent evening.

3. Start as you mean to go on and either have a long hot shower or a deep bubble bath. Play some relaxing music as you bathe or towel off and feel the day drain out of you. I suggest Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, The Best of Al Green or a some Joss Stone.

Blumarine - Animal Print cullotte4. Moisturise with something ultra feminine. I’m a Victoria’s Secret body spray and lotion girl when it comes to my nights in and the key is to pick something that lingers.

5. Get those knickers on and if you’ve still got the music on, do a little dance if you’r feeling funky! What goes on top you ask? Nothing if you have the heat on and feel like being bare on top, or you can wear a sexy vest (not granny cotton!) – I’m thinking the matching camisole/vest or invest in a couple of mesh, lace or satin camisoles in black or white (or whatever relevant colours you need) so that you can mix or match. Oh and you could of course buy the matching bra!

6. The rest of the night is up to you but the key is to enjoy it, revel it and make the most of your night in. Staying in is not something for the afflicted, the undateable. It’s for women that are confident and comfortable with their life, their choices that feel like having some ‘Me-Time’. Recharge your batteries and if you’re attached he can come home and find you fast asleep in your sexy underwear that you wore all for yourself. If you turn yourself on lots, I suggest you try out a sex toy like The Future Tech Ultra 7 Jessica Rabbit, to finish off the evening and send you to sleep with a smile on your face! If you want to play some music whilst you vibrate in your boudoir knickers, I definitely suggest the latest must have toy, the iBuzz Music Activated Sex Toy which hooks up to your beloved iPod.

7. It doesn’t have to be a Friday night but it does feel even better at the weekend!

Where to Buy Your Boudoir Knickers
DKNY - Boho Stripe fancy brief
I brought my original ones (pictured at the top) in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx) in the US and have been unable to find them anywhere online other than eBay! They were made by Made You Look..Made You Stare.

The other boudoir knickers pictured are from Figleaves

Other recommended stores are:

Victoria’s Secret – I still live in hope that they will open a store in the UK.
La Perla
Agent Provocateur

Check out brands such as Love Kylie, Elle Macpherson Intimates, Mimi Holliday, Pretty Polly and Damaris which can all be found at Figleaves.

Enjoy your boudoir knickers night!

NML is the editor of Baggage Reclaim and often spends her evenings in her boudoir knickers. The rest of the time I’m in scary trackie bottoms or PJs!

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