I’m getting asked more questions by readers these days, so I will attempt to answer them publicly on the blog which will also give anyone who thinks they have a suggestion to chime in.

Nobody can build a relationship on just sex. In fact, if a relationship is what you’re looking for then making sex the priority in the hope that you may have a conversation one day, discover shared interests and be suddenly interested in each other on a variety of levels…is mad.

Sex isolated on it’s own in a scenario like this is just sex. A scenario that has a balance of everything else, plus the sex is a relationship. Anyone can have sex if they put their penis or vagina to it, but not everyone can make a relationship. If all you’ve been doing is shagging each other’s brains out, it says to me that forging a relationship wasn’t on the agenda in the first place.

And yes this applies to booty calls, f*ck buddies, ‘tings’, and anything else you want to call a scenario that focuses on getting naked without getting attached. If you want to build a relationship, put the sex on the back burner and bring getting to know each other into main focus.

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