A note on outgrowing friendships

It’s discomforting to let go of people who have been in your life for a time. We always imagine that friendships will last forever and that the trickier ones will get better. We don’t want to outgrow our friendships. Part of growth and living is letting go...

A breakup doesn’t equal failure

While all humans wrestle with failure to some degree, not all of us are felled by it. We don’t all take things not going according to what we saw as The Plan so personally. In fact, some of us have worked out through various experiences that we are distinct from...
“I thought we were soulmates”

“I thought we were soulmates”

When we believe that someone was our soulmate, yet the relationship didn’t work, it throws us into a tailspin. Whatever our ideas about what a soulmate constitutes, our experience doesn’t reflect how we believe things should be. The outcome contradicts our...

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