The past doesn’t have to define who you are; it tells you where you’ve been and what you’ve been through. When you judge past versions of yourself unfairly, it shapes the way you see yourself now and in the future.

You are here, living and breathing, and can exact change in your present and future.

The past has already happened, but your narrative, sense of self, and perception of your worthiness and opportunities can change.

Past events and experiences provide insight into the beliefs, judgements, feelings and stories you carry today — your emotional baggage — and affect your self-image and how you see the world and relationships, but how you define yourself is in your hands. The past also informs you about how you can live differently by evolving your boundaries in ways that you might not have had the option to back then.

Remember, there are plenty of things that past generations normalised that we now understand aren’t workable. The past is a guide, not a verdict.

Allowing yourself to evolve is more than okay; it’s a gift to your past, present and future selves.

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