I’m not keen on ‘rules’ but I am wise enough to know that there is a lot of confusion between the sexes about when is the most appropriate time to call.

If a man calls the following day or even the same night of a date, some women disregard him as being too eager and too nice.

From the moment that the date ends until he finally calls, a lot of women spend the time burning up brain power trying to figure out if and when he’s going to call.

If he calls 3 days later, some women will be pleased but will also wonder how interested he really is in her.

A lot of guys have talked amongst themselves and some of their friends say to leave it for a week, some say 3 days, some say 5 days, some say don’t bother…

A lot of women don’t make the call themselves as they think the guy is supposed to make the first post date call and they don’t want to upset the dynamics.

This is just a sample of what we think about telephone etiquette but it gives some insight into how easily it is to be wrong footed.

My advice: Judge the appropriate time to call based on the date. Very good first dates with open dialogue and communication mean that there probably isn’t a problem making contact the day after the date. Where the sparks didn’t fly but the interest has been peaked and you want to see if a second date will enhance things, 3 days is fine. What I do recommend that will make life so much easier…is just agree when the call should be made and stick to it. It saves all of the confusion, uncertainty and burning up of brain power.

If a guy really likes you and thinks that you like him, he’ll probably call within a day or two, he’ll probably tell you that he’s going to call you and when, and he’ll very likely stick to it.

If a guy is moderately interested, he’ll call within a few days 3-5. (If he tells you up front that it will take this long for him to call, he’s interested)

When you originally had the date has a lot to do with it. Work, heavy weekends, travelling for work, and other social commitments can distract a guy and eat into his week. Men are habitually sh*t at multi-tasking so it’s no surprise that they struggle to think about several things at once. It’s amazing how someone can run a department, close big deals…and struggle to flex his dialling finger, however, and this is a big however, if a guy really is interested after a first date, he will call and he will call in a timely manner. End of. This means that even if it’s just for 3 minutes, the time it takes for some men to have sex with their women, he will get on the phone because he should want to let her know that he’s interested. He should want to avoid her thinking that he’s not interested because she may actually move on. Dating is a fast paced world these days! You snooze, you lose!

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