I’m bursting with excitement but I shall be in New York from Wednesday to Friday this week with my three year old, thanks to Microsoft who invited us to attend the launch of their Kinect for Xbox – if you’ve not heard of it, it’s a device that responds to your movements so you can use your body to play the game without controllers. If you’re thinking ‘Jaysus Nat, how the hell did you wangle that?’ it’s because aside from writing about dating and relationships, I’m also the founder of Bambino Goodies where I basically, along with a couple of pals, track down cool stuff for kids and their discerning parents – I know, I’m a busy woman!

skitched-20101101-182647.jpgAs many of you know, I’m running the first You’re Not Going Crazy, He’s Mr Unavailable workshop in London tomorrow, and a good friend has organised for me to visit the venues we’ve been researching for the New York workshops and I plan to finalise one while I’m out there, as well as squeeze in some shopping and take Saria (pictured left) to some cool spots.

Of course, I would love to say ‘hey!’ to some readers while I’m out there, and while I don’t think I have time to miraculously throw together a workshop, if you have time for a coffee (actually I drink tea) or a drink, then tweet me @baggagereclaim or @nataliemlue, or drop me a line at natalie AT or you can even post a Facebook message, or hell, just leave a comment. I don’t know my exact itinerary yet but it’ll be Thursday/Friday.

Also, if you have any brilliant recommendations for the shopaholic within me, don’t keep your shopping hotspots to yourself!

This (hopefully) marks the first of many adventures out to the US as the next time I come out there, it will be to do workshops – don’t worry, I will be doing beyond New York!

***Updated 8am GMT 2nd Nov*** Apologies to everyone about the problem with the commenting system overnight. It has now been fixed!

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