For a relationship to have a chance of going anywhere good, it needs to be mutually fulfilling. It needs two people with a shared out-in-the-open agenda who prioritise similar things, which, in turn, means that the relationship they co-create generates happiness and satisfaction for each of them.

There’s no inferiority and superiority; no, ‘It’s my role to be this, so your role has to be that.’; there’s no editing and shaving yourself down to capitulate to their agenda or sacrificing to fulfil a hidden one. 

When a relationship is mutually fulfilling, it’s loving not just in feelings but also in actions and intentions. Each party is nourished by the relationship, not because one or both parties are hungry or even malnourished and taking whatever they can get, but because each party knows how to care for themselves and care for the other simultaneously.

Mutually fulfilling relationships allow each person to become more of who they are, not less. It’s not about one, but instead about both. The relationship becomes emblematic of each person feeling worthwhile and valuable, fostering the confidence to continue together.

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