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It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 56, I cover:

The world doesn’t work on rules: It’s been a tense time and some people have found the last few months very triggering. I talk about how feeling as if the world isn’t following the rules taps on old wounds and might cause us to question whether we are wrong to feel wounded.

Anxiety about family arrangements: It’s that time of year when many people experience a level of underlying anxiety, guilt and resentment at the prospect of family gatherings due to the holiday season. I share tips to help alleviate these feelings including visualising the type of day you desire so that you can identify your priorities but also avoid setting you up for a fall and the importance of distinguishing between internal and external expectations and how to quickly identify where you’re giving away your choice.

Over-commitment to goals: Sometimes we become so hyper-focused on achieving a goal that we don’t notice how we bust ourselves up along the way or that we’ve reached the goal but aren’t particularly happy. | The Are Your Goals Killing You? episode from The Art of Charm podcast.

Listener Question: Bethany is struggling to get over having been in an on-off involvement with a guy who is the “whole package” and losing her virginity to him. She wants to know, How do I forgive myself for being the rebound and the booty call? 

What I Learned This Week: Sometimes I need to say, “Let me get back to you” to myself! Saying no to something that I almost said yes to before truly weighing the potential consequences has been a lesson in self-discipline and self-care.

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