Why is it that when a guy tries to knock boots with you and gets the red light, he immediately redoubles his efforts to get into your bed? There are a thousand and one reasons why I choose not to sleep with you, so why can’t you just take no for an answer?

Why can’t you get it through your greasy head that I really do mean what I say, I do not want to have sex with you? I refuse to become another statistic, a notch on your bedpost. Is it hard for you to believe that there is a woman out there that doesn’t want to climb into your bed? And that there is some chick that is unimpressed by your claims of your 9-inch penis? (Which we both know is a flagrant lie, but that’s another story!)

If I wanted a roll in the hay, I would just pick up the phone and call my booty call, but that’s not what I’m about. I don’t want to just knock boots, I don’t want to be another addition to your harem. I’m seeking more. And in that quest, I refuse to let sex get in the way.

Celibacy. Not celebrity…but C-E-L-I-B-A-C-Y. It’s a word that doesn’t get thrown around alot but is relatively easy enough to understand. Celibacy doesn’t mean that I want you to try harder to get into my pants, it doesn’t mean that I need more attention or that I’m playing hard to get.

Celibacy means that I’m highly selective. And choose to let a sturdy relationship develop before introducing sex into the equation. Being celibate doesn’t mean that I’m frigid or a virgin, in fact, the opposite would be true. Being celibate is a choice that is not often explored in this society, yet has yielded surprisingly amazing results when applied correctly. Celibacy shows that I believe that sex is special and intimate, with nothing casual about it whatsoever.

Being celibate is a choice that alot of singles have chosen to stick to and are happy with. So buster, don’t mock it and try to guilt me into sleeping with you. Your smokescreen is not going to work, and your sly wiles only further annoy me. And don’t give me a lecture about blueballs (which is sooo high school)….walk it off, you’ll be ok. Furthermore, don’t throw a tantrum, that only amuses me as I watch a grown ass man act like a baby.

Perhaps it’s a good thing I said no then. After all, your antics only prove that you aren’t the man I’m looking for, no matter how good you look on paper.
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