Whether you’re single or attached, I don’t believe that Valentine’s Day is an ‘event’ that should have you getting your knickers in a twist, because people shouldn’t invest so much emotion and energy in a commercial day that seems to be built on profiting from insecurity and putting relationships under immense pressure. Here are some funny but true reasons why we all need to get a grip!

1. A standard bunch of red roses, often snatched from the local petrol station or ordered frantically the day before, doesn’t actually make you think that your boyfriend is the best thing sliced bread. It’s a nice gesture, but he’s a sheep.

2. What’s to enjoy about being squashed into an overcrowded restaurant that looks like a prison waiting room as couples all squish together in the name of lurve?

3. Valentines often equals scratchy underwear that will be confined to the bottom of your drawer, after you’ve spent the evening or even a few moments before bedtime parading it and pulling it out of your nether regions.

4. If the relationship’s shit, it’s shit and Valentine’s for people like this is like putting a plaster/Bandaid over a gaping wound, or if you allow the day to stress you it will place even more pressure on the wound and split it wide open making a horrible mess.

5. There are 365 days in the year and this is ONE day. Surely we should be making efforts with our relationship all year round?

6. We have birthdays, anniversaries (monthly or yearly depending on how old the relationship is), plus mothers and fathers day (if you’re parents), plus Christmas, plus any other day that you feel like adding to occasions. Enough already!

7. Why does everything in the world seem to have the Noah’s Ark vibe? Not everything has to be two by two and maybe attached people should have a heart and stop rubbing it in non attached people’s faces for ONE day!

8. If you’re single, thank your lucky stars that you’ve just saved yourself from spending lots of money on this mindless BS. Go buy yourself something nice, or better still, save it!

9. Furry handcuffs make it into millions of homes on Valentine’s day, along with other tack-o-rama shite such as love cheques and teddies with ‘I Love You’ plastered all over them. We don’t buy tacky gifts for other occasions yet Valentine’s symbolises mega tackfest. Yeuch.

10. Let’s be real people. We invest emotionally in the wrong things and seek validation from commercial days such as Valentine’s. Our priorities and things that matter are jacked up. The day should be if anything about showing the one that we love how much we care, yet it’s actually mostly materialistic. Don’t get sucked into the hype.

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