When they tell you to be yourself on dates it is NOT an excuse to verbal diarrhea. Not everything should be on the conversational menu – as someone who has been on a date with a guy who revealed that his father was a criminal, his mother was a crackhead, his two brothers had done things to do with guns and drugs plus lots of self absorbed stuff about money and some women that he had slept with, all in less than an hour of the date, I am here to tell you that some times it’s better to shut the f up….

1. Politics and religion – If you’re the type of person who can’t have a conversation about these subjects without getting into a debate that is more like an out-and-out argument, I suggest you keep it zipped. These are touchy subjects even around people that you know very well – maybe you should get to know the person before you both get up on your soapboxes….

2. Money – Talking about money is crass under most circumstances. Unless you are actually on a date with a golddigger, most people will be unimpressed and turned off. Steer clear of going on about your salary, your inheritance, and the things you own – you’ll just look like a twat…

3. The Future – I went on a date once where within half an hour he was talking about us moving away together and having babies with me. Some women may be turned on by this but I lost what little mojo I had rapidly. No-one likes the smell of desperation and unless you have actually gotten to know each other, talking about the future beyond a few dates can be quite scary. Talk about the future as in you want to indicate that you’ll be going on more dates. Steer clear of weddings, moving in together etc.

4. Your Conquests – No date needs to know who you’ve shagged, snogged, whatever. Like talking about money, this is completely crass and very unnecessary. So you shagged someone, big deal! Boasting about this type of stuff is very high school and if you can’t find something better to talk about, you shouldn’t be on the date. You may also give off the vibe that you’re a playa…and why would you want to do that!?

5. Easy on the addictions – I’m not asking you to lie and mislead but why would a date want to listen to you go on about your addiction to crack cocaine or penchant for getting drunk before going to work? Trust me when I say that these things will be found out anyway, but they aren’t very good conversation starters and someone is going to less willing to be supportive of you if they barely know you.

6. Exes – Exes belong where you left them – in the past. If you keep talking about them, might as well you brought them on the date with you! My golden rule of dating: No discussion about exes on the first date. In fact, if you can make it to the third date without going into any intensive discussions about them, all the better. Surely there is so much to get to know about you that you shouldn’t need to talk about your ex for a date? Also, it’s one thing to speak briefly about an ex (hell, we all have a past), but it’s another thing if they make it the centre of the conversation and start asking for advice or crying. Run!

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