Be more social. It may feel like you’re having your teeth pulled without anesthetic but doing stuff that has you interacting with other people will help you to resume a normal life balance. It’s great for opening up opportunities for new friendships and may even benefit your work.

Learn from the breakup. OK so you broke up, but it will be worse if you don’t take the positives from it and most importantly, learn from the negatives. There is nothing worse than dragging your bad love habits with you wherever you go because you will end up with the same result every time until you learn from your insights and yes – any mistakes.

Don’t punish your next partner. Treat each partner on an individual basis. If you’re learning from your mistakes this means that you should be able to judge future relationships on their own merits. Don’t allow paranoia from the past to enter the present. Often for instance, Nice Guys end up having to clean up after their partners penchant for Bad Boys. If you live in the past too much though, you aren’t ready to be in another relationship.

Get rid of the memories. Do your mourning and then pack up their stuff that you still have around your place and return it to them. Put away the photos, get rid of anything that keeps you in the past.

No Booty Calls With The Ex. You broke up for a reason and becoming a casual lay is a recipe for disaster. Do not make the mistake of falling into this trap – it very rarely ends well.

Hang with other singles. It’s bloody good fun and there are people that can relate to what you’re going through. You can also see how they are getting on with their lives and most importantly, party it up with them!

Don’t turn into a broken record. Of course you want to talk about it, but if it’s still you’re number one subject after 3 months, it’s time to zip it and talk about something else.

Take a holiday/vacation or a weekend break. They’re great for recharging your batteries and can also give you some time to think and find closure in a different setting.

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