In our busy, hectic world, where we often race from one day to the next, boast about being “super busy” and deal with never-ending to-do lists, it’s easy to lose track of how we feel or even what happened during the week.

•   Has it been a good week?
•   What have you learned?
•   What were the challenges?
•   What were the successes?
•   How are you feeling?

Taking a few moments each week to gather your thoughts and get a sense of where you’re at is vital to your wellbeing. This is especially so if you’ve typically been on autopilot, zooming through life. You can end up losing sight of yourself. Without this reflection, you might feel burnt out or overwhelmed by emotions, or feel as if problems have appeared out of nowhere, all because you didn’t pay enough attention to yourself earlier.

By journaling regularly and also taking time to review your week, you can prevent seemingly minor issues from escalating. This also helps you to assess what is and isn’t working, and to internalise accomplishments and achievements, no matter how small, which is a big part of improving self-image.

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