The Baggage Reclaim Sessions PodcastThere’s a new episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast!

Here’s what I cover in episode 25:

Understanding the key reason why our relationships don’t work out. It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of what went down in our relationship and to find ourselves engaging in self-blame or pointing fingers at the other party without recognising the bigger picture—that it’s about incompatibility. | The post I mention in the segment, Understanding Why Some Relationships Don’t Work Out

Why aren’t we enjoying our birthdays? From bad memories of birthday parties, forgotten birthdays, gift disappointments, to absent loved ones, negative associations with growing older, unrealistic or never communicated expectations and more, so of us really are not enjoying our birthdays! I also delve into uncovering what the baggage is behind an issue in episode 2.

We’re irritating too. Much as we might have plenty to say about what irritates us in others, we can often have a blind spot about our own quirks.

Calming down from negative self-talk. This week’s listener needs tips for calming herself down where she gets into a state of thinking and feeling awful things about herself. |  7 Steps For Calming Yourself Down When You’re In A Negative Self-Talk Spiral | Check out the How To Self-Soothe Quick Guide I mentioned. Also, the 30-day project, Tune In To Your Inner Voice (& Calm Down Your Inner Critic) is full of insight and strategies.

What I learned this week. My 8-year-old reminded me that sometimes we think that we’re in trouble when we really aren’t!

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