Woman listening to something on her headphones / earphonesThank you so much to everyone who has listened to The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast and been in touch so far. I’m excited to announce that the second episode is now available.

Each week I cover topics around empowering you to discover and reclaim the great you that already exists, offloading excess emotional baggage, and navigating dating, interpersonal relationships and tricky situations.

I also feature a listener question plus I share something from that week that has helped me to know and care for me better.

Here’s what I cover in episode 2:

If they’re not interested or available, why do they keep seeking you out for attention or an ego stroke?: I explain what’s behind this baffling behaviour so that you don’t get drawn into feeling guilty or obliged to keep up with ‘supplying’ them.

Are you aware of the baggage that you’re bringing into situations where you feel triggered?: The responses that suggest that you have a hot button subject or area and what knowing about the baggage teaches you about empathy and not personalising things to too great a degree.

The trouble with “You complete me”:  Why this line from Jerry Maguire grated on me, the fears that somebody who thinks that they’re “not good enough” has about finding love, and why love and codependency are not the same thing. **NB** I didn’t realise until it was too late but in my second reference to Jerry Maguire, I said Jerry Springer!

Listener Question – What to do when you bump into your ex when you’re No Contact? Some quick tips for planning for success instead of failure as well as explaining why we stress about it in the first place.

What Nat Learned This Week: Our puppy Chester is a ‘needy’ breed and has taught me that our relationships are about accepting people for who they are and working with that (if we can) or finding someone who embraces us. Check out this post about how needy is an overused term.

You can listen to this podcast below.

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