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In episode 79, I cover:

Do we really need ‘space’ in the form of a casual relationship? Following on from my post about pop-up relationships, it got me thinking about how some people see these as a way of meeting their needs. But what if this isn’t the need? Referencing Karen McCall’s Financial Recovery book, I explain how distinguishing between needs and wants plays a big factor in ensuring that we don’t opt for something like a pop-up relationship without having a strong awareness of our needs.

Sometimes we’re too nice for our own bloody good!: Several months after being unceremoniously dumped by her fiance, an acquaintance has effectively become his armchair therapist despite her now being in a relationship with someone else. Topics covered including looking for a retraction, including a rejection retraction, thinking that we’re being ‘nice’ when we’re neglecting our needs to take care of everyone else’s, why we need to ask the question, ‘Why us?’ from two angles, why we mustn’t rob from our healthy relationships to prop up an unhealthy one, and knowing when to draw the line.

Tricky texts: I explain why short but loaded texts and super long texts, sometimes cause the recipient to delay in responding.

Listener Question:  How do I handle my imposing co-worker?

What I Learned This Week: I’m on the move and it’s had me thinking about my ‘road of trials’.

Links mentioned in the episode

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The book list which includes Karen McCall’s Financial Recovery
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The Good Girl / Guy

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Embrace Healthy Boundaries

Podcast about tricky co-workers

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