I’m having more fun than I imagined that I would with The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, my new podcast. It’s given me a new outlet and platform to connect with BR folk as well as people who didn’t know about BR before, plus it’s also been quite a learning curve.

Thanks to the kids being back at school for a couple of weeks, I picked up one of those annoying low-level bugs that does a number on you. Suddenly I remembered why writing can be so handy as I snuffled and sniffled! I pulled it together though after giving myself a couple of days to reboot.

Person worried about their angry coworker

Here’s what I cover in episode 5:

Why do we find tricky co-workers so stressful?: We spend a significant portion of our time with coworkers which is why it can be all the more taxing when we have to deal with passive-aggressive and aggressive people, or we play it small, or we overload ourselves by over-empathising.

The pitfalls of trying to be liked by everyone: I talk about how this quest impacts our mindset and attitude, how it can make it feel damn near impossible to have good boundaries, why it’s not good for the relationships that we’re afraid of losing, and how to start removing the hidden agenda to improve well-being.

Who pays on the first few dates?: The so-called dating etiquette around this can be super confusing plus we tend to infer something if they allow us to pay or expect us to split the bill. I also talk about ‘the reach’ and how it adds to the confusion and frustration.

Listener Question – What do you think about dating guys who you’re not initially attracted to?: This listener has been asked out by a “very sweet” co-worker but she’s not interested and is also concerned about going after what appears to be a “sure thing” and then getting burned.

What Nat Learned This Week: Instead of continuing to try to understand something, accept what you know at that point instead of rejecting it in search of something else.

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Nat xxx

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