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Jaysus! It’s been a while! After a big ‘ole break, The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast is back!

Here’s what I cover:

How accepting do we need to be of our partners? I talk about finding that middle ground (acceptance) between expecting partners to be perfect and giving up who you are because you’re ‘accepting’ issues that are incompatible with the relationship you want or even with your own basic happiness.

My break. I share on what I learned from having 6 sessions of hypnotherapy and why establishing some new habits prompted me to step back.

‘Nice’ people who are critical and judgmental. It can really mess with you when your partner seems ‘technically’ nice because they do some nice things for you, have ‘rescued’ you, or are “such a good person” that they can show you how to be “better”, but actually, it really isn’t very nice at all.

This week’s listener question is, ‘How do I stop being piggy in the middle with my parents and my sister?’ (I know this situation well!) and I share what I learned this week (well more a habit that I’ve gotten into over the past couple of months that has helped me to reclaim my days and my energy).

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Nat xxx

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