1. You aren’t yourself around him. Pay attention to how you are around your guy. If you find yourself quieter, more reserved than usual, for instance, it could be a sign of worse things to come.

2. You find yourself telling white lies or omitting information about what is happening in your relationship. You may think that you really like him and the reason why you’re not being honest about some of the things he says and does is because you don’t want people to get the wrong idea, but deep down, not saying it means that you don’t have to fully acknowledge the truth.

3. You make a lot of excuses. It’s almost as if you have to cajole yourself along in the relationship and reason with yourself as to why you should be with him.

4. You avoid being affectionate. I’m not someone who is keen on overt public displays of affection; however people who are genuinely into each other will have a level of affection towards each other.

5. You’re picking fights. It’s that fight or flight instinct and something within says that by bringing about a fight, he’ll prove that he’s all that you think about him so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

6. You’re secretive. Part of being in a relationship that you want to be in is communication and sharing. Couples bond through learning more about each other and if you don’t want to part with information or feel that you have a lot to hide, I would question how much you really like this guy.

7. You flirt with other guys. I know some people do it out of insecurity, but you’d be surprised how your desire to be flirtatious with other people changes when you really like someone.

8. You talk about other guys or your ex a lot. We all have baggage, but going into a relationship with a yearning for someone else is a recipe for disaster. Not being able to stop talking about them

9. No-one knows about him. Trust me when I say that women can’t help but say something about the lovely guy in their life even if they are cautious with their excitement.

10. You don’t make an effort. You’re dating and you can’t be bothered to look your best and be your best – The early stages of a relationship is when almost everyone makes an effort and if you can’t, you’re not that fussed about him.

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