It’s been a fun and illuminating week. Last Saturday, I attended Gabrielle Bernstein’s workshop where I enjoyed a funny, heartwarming day learning about how to get out of your own way. I also bumped into a few readers while I was there. I love it when people say hello and share their stories of how they discovered Baggage Reclaim. What are the chances as well that not only would I find myself sitting directly behind a reader but that I was also sitting near the Irish contingent? Em immediately knew I’d been around them without my telling him because the brogue in my accent was much stronger than usual. I also bumped into another reader at a writing workshop I attended. It’s a small world!

Right, it’s time for this week’s episode of  The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast!

What I cover in episode 21:

Don’t write off the year if it hasn’t started off on the right footing

Many of us start the year all gung-ho and full of promise talking about how it’s “New year, new me” but then something comes along to knock us or we lose momentum. Or, yes, we do something that represents the habits we need and want to break. Next thing, we write off our possibilities for change. I explain why it doesn’t have to be this way and how to get to a more realistic perspective and attitude.

Why do we struggle to make and stick to our decisions?

I explain the components of decisions and what we need to ensure we do to make authentic decisions that we’re not going to be mired in regret in future. I also explain the blocks to healthy decisions including wanting to make perfect decisions, playing Columbo collecting info but not reaching a conclusion, and fear of uncertainty. What if I commit to this person and we have a great time but then our relationship breaks down in 2031?

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The early stages of dating are guesswork

What happens when you treat guesses like facts and predictions for your future with somebody? Big problems. I explain why we need to recognise that whether it’s seeing someone on a site/app, meeting them somewhere, or going on some dates, it’s all guesswork. If we can recognise this we will be less attached to rigid ideas, snap judgements, and predicted outcomes.

Listener Question: What do you do when two different partners claim that sexual attraction was the reason why they don’t want a relationship with me?

I help Stephanie pick her way through this messy situation including what this experience is truly here to do for her.

What Nat Learned This Week

I attended a writers workshop and noticed inner resistance coming up when doing certain exercises centred around planning.

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Nat xx

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