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In this two-hundred-and-fiftieth (!!!) episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I share some of the lessons I’ve learned about change and evolution as a result of making the show.

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5 key topics in this episode

  • Not all of our ideas and what prompts us to change comes from ourselves. Sometimes loved ones will make suggestions. Other times, even though we’re not crazy about someone or with them any more, they say something that sows the seeds for future evolution and change.
  • We don’t know all of the steps or how we will be changed by the process of deciding to do something. Even if we believe we know all the steps, we will change in unanticipated ways.
  • Much as we might try, we cannot think everything out to the nth degree and then act. That’s overthinking. And the problem with overthinking is that no matter how much we work out in our head, it isn’t a substitute for action. That and real life will be different to the micro-managed picture we painted in our mind.
  • Some of the change and evolution in our life comes through intentional decisions. We decide to start or stop something, or we set a goal. And in some instances, it comes about as a result of listening to ourselves and the data of our life. But sometimes change and evolution will come about through neccessity. We are forced as a result of various factors.
  • Part of accepting that we will change and evolve is recognising that we will make decisions and they will evolve over time too.

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