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In this week’s episode of  The Baggage Reclaim Sessions I talk about those moments in life where you hear yourself and see something so loud and clear that, even though you don’t know where it’s going to lead, you listen and take action.

I talk about:

>> A close friend who woke up one morning four years ago and knew that she had to end her relationship. She sometimes doubted her choice, especially when the subsequent attempts at online dating proved to be a blowout, but then she did meet the guy who would go on to become her husband.

>> Why having an I started so I’ll finish attitude is bad all round for everyone involved in the decision, not just us.

>> How and why we ignore signs that we’re unhappy including hoping that things will get better or just quite simply being afraid to start over, which can result in us falling out of like with ourselves.

>> The reality that the circumstances in which we originally made a decision can and do change and we have to make the best decision that we can with the information that we have at the time–we have to bet on ourselves.

Repeat what works, not what doesn't.

>> Why we don’t have to hang everything on this one decision because there’s many paths and more up ahead.

>> Why decisions are about commitment including deciding what our intentions and needs are, and how we have to decide with a limited amount of information and do our best to listen to ourselves and bet on us.

>> Two relationships that I ended where it might have initially seemed like these were bad decisions because I wasn’t in a better relationship afterwards, but they were the prelude to starting Baggage Reclaim and meeting Em.

>> Why we’ve got to repeat what works, not what doesn’t and that listening to ourselves takes practice.

>> Why when we’re ready to hear (or see), we’ll hear and it’s the culmination of lots of niggling thoughts giving us the big insight, the big message, but if we keep stalling on making the decisions we need to make (because we’re afraid of making a bigger decision about the next step of our life), life will come along and force us to make the decisions.

>> And…the big decision I’ve made about this being the last episode of the podcast.

>> Professor Life

>> The right decision doesn’t always feel good

>> Listening to ourselves

>> I Am 40

>> Why we can’t sit on the fence about our decisions

>> Podcast about bereavement and also here

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