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Drama had a friend in my ‘bad voice’ – a bit like Good Cop/Bad Cop, with Good Cop being my ‘gut’. Drama has a friend too in your own Bad Cop or the Voice of Unreason..

But the more you start to feel good, the less room ‘the bad voice’ or The Voice of Unreason has to enter into your life and when it does, the gut with ‘The Voice of Reason’ kicks in.

The Voice of Unreason is powered by insecurity.

The Voice of Reason is powered by higher self-esteem, intuition, self-awareness, and the ability to judge a situation without lust, libido, or insecurity getting in the way.

You will trust your gut when you trust yourself. If you don’t trust yourself or your judgement you will find yourself in poor relationships.

You’ll hang in there because you have the choice between trusting your own judgement and having to contend with your insecurity, or have the choice of trusting him but at least being safe in the knowledge that he’s ‘there’ and you’re not ‘alone’. Better to put the fate of your relationship and you in someone elses hands than entrust yourself with that responsibility, eh?

The only way that you are going to learn how to trust yourself is to start liking and loving yourself and the only way you can start doing that is by withdrawing out of situations that contribute to making you feel bad about you, or serve as a great big glaring reminder that your gut and judgement radar must have been turned off.

I realised that it was better to be alone than to be in a relationship and feel worse. I know people who feel alone in a room full of people and I can reassure you that if you think that the species with a penis and a whole load of baggage on his back is going to make you feel at one with the universe, it’s just not gonna happen.

“But I love him!” some readers say.

You love the drama, you love the dependence, you love the emotional rollercoaster and you love placing everything on him, rather than having to trust in you because at least if the sh*t hits the proverbial fan, you can say “Well I loved him unconditionally and he didn’t appreciate it and give me what I want”

Sometimes when our gut is telling us something we choose not to hear it because the truth is uncomfortable. Some of us actually hear the gut loud and clear but go ahead and do the opposite anyway because it gives us the self-fulfilling prophecy, which is sabotaging your own chances.

This is like the house of cards. You remove one Drama Seeker out of the situation and everything else falls down around it.

Likewise, your progress and route to a happier you has a positive knock on effect. You start liking you…you start loving you…things look different…you feel different…YOUR GUT RESONATES…you move with positivity instead of negativity…you vibrate differently to those around you…you radiate a better you…you draw in better people around you and those who know you and love you feel a positive benefit and those who know you and take advantage find themselves having to buck up their ideas or get out…even when you get some knocks you realise that YOUR GUT reminds you that irrespective of what is taking place around you, you love you unconditionally and that in turn makes it easier to overcome difficulties rather than writing yourself off as soon as something bad happens….

Your self-esteem and your gut go hand in hand together.

You always have the choice to listen to what might be the incy wincy Voice of Reason, your gut, trying to make itself heard over the louder booming voice of insecurity. Listen to your gut and if it’s possible that it is asking you to opt out of the familiar into an uncomfortable territory that will yield you better medium, long-term, and even short term results, listen, hear it, and act upon it. Your GUT is your friend, drama, is not!

Your thoughts?

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