Weddings are hard work to greater and lesser extents for all people involved, but when you’re single, it takes a special type of resilience to not end up being a bit po-faced.

Don’t have high expectations about there being any totty. I am yet to attend a wedding where there has been any good looking totty awaiting the attentions of the single women. There do tend to be a lot of couples at weddings so rather than going there and thinking you’re going to meet a hot guy and become the next great romance, expect the worst and hope for the best. You may end up being pleasantly surprised.

Get over any insecurity’s you have about being single before the wedding season starts. Embrace your single status rather than wallowing in misery, otherwise your patience will wear very thin, very quickly, when you have people making stupid comments about catching the bouquet, always being a bridesmaid, never the bride, and pondering aloud why you’re still single.

Don’t rock up to the wedding a hard-faced, jaded, cynical, single as it does radiate from you and you won’t exactly have a welcoming demeanour for any potential single guys that are there. Plus you won’t look good in photos.

Get drunk if you can handle it – but don’t overdo it if you’re the type that starts weeping into her glass of wine singing ‘All by myself’ by the end of the evening.

If you have the option to bring someone, bring a female friend. Rather than raiding every bar in town looking for a guy that’s suitable enough to bring with you, or bringing your booty call, or the male friend that you secretly fancy, bring a good female friend. Do you really want to spend an uncomfortable day with someone you barely know that you may already regret choosing in haste? Do you really want to bring your booty call when you may end up wanting more than a no frills arrangement that you’re unlikely to get? Do you want to end up trying it on with your male friend only to end up making a fool out of yourself?

Don’t shag or snog someone else’s boyfriend/husband. Trust me, it’s never a good idea to do this but even less so at a wedding. Plus if you get caught, your reputation will take quite a knocking and you’ll definitely regret it.

Look hot to trot – but don’t upstage the bride. When you look good, you feel good, so get your hair done, slip on a lovely outfit and put on a pair of heels that make your legs look amazing but that you can hopefully still walk in by the time the dancing starts.

Lie or have some killer lines at the ready. I know you’re single but if the questions get really tedious, tell them about your (non existent) hot boyfriend that couldn’t make it because he’s on business. If you do humour, wit, or sarcasm well, you could always give trite answers to their questions..

Be social. Weddings are great for meeting people whether you end up making friends, networking, or being introduced to someone for a blind date/set up at a later date.

Enjoy yourself! Weddings are happy occasions so eat, drink, be merry and dance your arse off!

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