1. You keep waking up the morning after first dates in either someone else’s bed or your own feeling regretful about letting him get into your pants. Either close your legs and have a sex break or quit dating all together until you’re ready to date differently.

2. You keep going out with the same types and ending up with the same results. Nothing. To. Show. Get to the root of why you keep going for your ‘type’ and change your habit.

3. You’re cynical and no matter how nice the guy is, you’re unlikely to trust that he is what he is anyway. There is no point in dating when you have this mentality.

4. You’re still not over your ex. Nuff said.

5. You’re in love with somebody else. Sort out that ‘somebody’ or get over them and move on.

6. You struggle to remember what’s happened on dates because you keep getting drunk.

7. You’re afraid of commitment – The deep rooted fear will only turn every potential relationship into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

NML is the editor of Baggage Reclaim.

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