As someone who has had more bad dates and dodgy boyfriends than I care to remember, I used to think that I was having an extended period bad luck where I seemed to mysteriously attract men that were unworthy of my time and energy. A number of incidences and realisations made me realise that I was making my own luck and if I wanted to be happy and I wanted to have a good relationship, then it was down to me to be different.

Over at The Times of India website, there is a great article on Conscious Relationships that epitomises everything I talk about with emotionally unavailability, being the other woman and being a genuinely personally happy person with a good level of self esteem.

The article says that “The people you draw to yourself are there to reflect another part of yourself, back to you. As such, each relationship in our lives gives us the opportunity to accept, heal and love another part of ourselves.

There is an energetic dynamic that underlies everything. If you have within you the feeling/belief/perception that you are not worthy of being loved then you will repeatedly draw relationships to yourself in which you do not feel loved.

The partner you attract may be incapable of emotionally giving love, they may be apathetic to your needs for love or they may be circumstantially unable to fully give love to you.

If you have within you the feeling/belief/perception that you have to make yourself indispensable in a relationship by continually taking care of and “fixing” the other person, then you will draw to yourself a partner who needs “fixing” and who expects you to take on their emotional baggage.”

The article goes on to discuss karma and points out that “”like attracts like” and this is the nature of energy. Until you become aware of what is happening, you will keep repeating the cycle. The outer world is not really outer, it is a projection of what is within you. The inner and the outer are one.

Therefore, when you continually draw to yourself a certain type of relationship, when you notice a pattern in your life’s behaviour and when you repeatedly find yourself dealing with the same issues, you will know that the “trouble” lies within you…and not with the other person…When this discovery is made, it is then possible to have conscious relationships. Rather than reacting to what happens around you, it is possible to look within yourself and discover what part of you has been “feeding” the situation.”

I cannot say this enough – Don’t sleepwalk your way through relationships, passively expecting everything around you to change and miraculously giving you all that you want. Take charge. Be different. Do whatever it takes to welcome the good into your life. If you’re waiting for the world or the man in your life to change, you could be waiting a lifetime. Fortunately you don’t have to wait for YOU…

Source: The Times of India

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