It’s time for another episode of Why Did We Break Up?.

When Lloyd friend requested Abbie on Facebook, she was surprised because she’d got the feeling that he didn’t like her. Awkward, shy and a tad antisocial, she gradually got to know him and saw him as a friend, so much so that she didn’t even realise that they were on a date.

Only a few months out of a devastating breakup with Zac who worked in the same company as her and Lloyd, despite telling him on this supposed first date that she was not ready for a relationship and apologising for if she had led him on in any way, this was ignored by both of them and she got sucked in by Lloyd’s devotion. He told people that she was ‘The One’ pretty much immediately.

Believing that it was a rebound relationship that became love, within months she was living with Lloyd, which was when she discovered that he was a gamer, something she gradually became second fiddle to. A year into the relationship and he was trying to get her to move with him to a gamer friend’s condo, which she declined. From there, things went rapidly downhill, resulting in them breaking up, only for her to discover that she was pregnant. Things went from bad to worse and by the end of it, she felt like a truly awful person. She’s ready to find out why they broke up.


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We Have So Much In Common

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