Here are just some of the signs that let you know that it’s time to make a run for it!

1. You act differently around him and it’s not in a positive way.

2. You spend a lot of your time feel edgy, upset, confused, uncertain, insecure – pretty much negative.

3. You seem to never quite know where you stand.

4. He blows hot and cold.

5. You’re not really bothered one way or another about him, or the relationship.

6. You’re with him because you’re afraid of being ‘alone’.

7. In order for the relationship to work, you need to cut yourself off from family and friends.

8. You both want very different things on key points that are important to you both, but you’re holding out hope that one day he’ll come round to your way of thinking. He’s doing the same.

9. You need to sacrifice the essence of yourself – your character and personality – in order for the relationship to work.

10. You feel bad about yourself around him – He doesn’t bring out the best in you.

11. Your gut tells you that he’s not right for you but you ignore it and continue to feel uncomfortable.

12. The relationship is on his terms and his time.

13. He’s attached to someone else.

14. You think it’s a relationship but it’s actually closer to a booty call/friends with benefits arrangement.

15. He is controlling – jealousy, possessiveness, emotional and physical abuse.

16. He’s emotionally unavailable.

17. You spend a lot of energy trying to fix him.

18. You like the potential of what he could be, rather than the reality of what he is.

19. You’re dating ‘beneath’ yourself so that you think that you can control him and the direction of the relationship.

20. He finds it difficult to make basic efforts such as calling and showing up when he says that he will.

Any of these sound familiar? It’s time for The Breakthrough.

During The Breakthrough…

  • Get clear on what you really want and any conflicts that are disrupting you.
  • Discover the spiritual guidance of relationships and what your pattern is trying to show you.
  • Uncover the secret agenda that is driving your pattern.
  • Go through my 7-step process of unlocking the pain and untruths behind your present-day dating and relationship habits.
  • Calm the uneasiness about the past and anxiety about the future, harness the guidance of your emotions, and become more confident and mindful about assessing compatibility.
  • Build your confidence with dating and relationships with clear guidance on what dating is really about and when and how to progress to a relationship.
  • Be armed with practices, tools and mindset shifts for raising your self-worth and self-image.



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