The Baggage Reclaim Sessions Podcast with Natalie LueIt’s time for this week’s episode of  The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast!

Here’s what I cover in episode 24:

Dating as a single parent. One of the most popular requests I receive is regarding advice for dating when you’re a single parent. I share seven tips including about having fun on dates rather than going straight into interviewing for a step-parent, to not using dating as salvation and the importance with touching base with your child about what they’re feeling and perceiving. | Episode 1 has tips for figuring out whether you’re ready to date. If boundaries between you and your ex-partner are still an issue, I write about Low Contact (how to maintain civil contact) in my book, The No Contact Rule.

What’s the difference between help and support? It’s a fine line but there is a difference. I explain why frustrations can arise and how it’s doing things for the wrongs reasons that can you to end up playing Florence Nightingale in your relationship which is more harmful in the end than beneficial. I include suggestions for how to recognise when help (or support) isn’t really happening as well as what to do if it’s put a strain on an interaction. | More posts on Florence Nightingale relationships | Another post on ‘help’ | Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl has an entire chapter devoted to Florence Nightingales and Renovators (people who love a fixer-upper)

The Debit and Credit Trust System. Trust is something that many of us struggle with but it’s also the foundation of our relationships. We won’t go far in any relationship if we trust too little or over-trust out of resistance to trusting ourselves. I do a quick run-through of why we’re distrusting, some of the implications, and what The Debit and Debit Trust System is.

Listener Question – Meena’s turning 30 and wondering if there’s something wrong with her because she’s been focused on her career while her peers have gotten married.

What Nat Learned This Week: When something is outside of my control, I’ve got to accept the things I can’t change instead of giving myself brainache from moaning about it!

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