Baggage Reclaim 10th birthday partyI’m all recovered from celebrating ten years of Baggage Reclaim with some of my crew here in London. Em DJ’d for the evening, everyone ate a lot of food and packed in a lot of drinks, and what was so heartwarming wasn’t just seeing my friends and readers hanging out together (and getting love advice from Em haha) and by the end of the evening dancing, singing and rapping together, but seeing how many friendships have been formed between readers. Incidentally, I have readers who have made and stayed friends after previous events in New York and Dublin I’m looking forward to having more celebrations over the coming year and connecting more of you.

Right! On to this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

Here’s what I cover in episode 6:

The importance of asking for help: Much as we can try to pretend that we’re superwoman or superman, in reality, we’re not. I talk about some of the reasons why we don’t ask for help, how it can send the wrong messages, and why it’s beneficial for our interpersonal relationships as well as for us. And to illustrate my point, I mentioned asking for help when I was saying a few words on Thursday night and three readers who work in PR volunteered their services to help spread the BR message!

Overfeeding worry and anxiety: I talk about three key areas of the worry habit including being over-responsible and being stretched, how worry and anxiety can be a way of filling in time, avoiding taking action and also keeping us down plus I include suggestions for curbing the worry habit. Check out my original post about not overfeeding your worry fish.

Do we need to assume the worst when a friend isn’t in touch during their rough patch?: It’s not always easy to talk and sometimes a friend retreats into their own bubble when they’re struggling and we mistake this for them either having a problem with us or us now having a problem with them because they’re not returning calls and allowing us to get involved in their issue. But we don’t have to assume the worst and explain why some people get themselves into a bubble and make some suggestions for keeping perspective.

Listener Question – What do you say to a great guy that simply has no time for you?: Only been ‘together’ for a month after meeting online and although he’s claiming to be exclusive, he finds time for everything and everyone else…just not the relationship. One of my favourite BR posts is about being ‘super busy’.

What Nat Learned This Week: Accidentally skipping past a queue of traffic and feeling mortified afterwards while worrying about the death stares of other drivers (haha), flagged up my reliance on ‘rules’ (and fear of breaking them) when it relates to stuff that I’m unfamiliar with.

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Nat xxx

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