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Are you discerning about who you spend your time around and who you allow into your ‘inner circle’? That’s the subject of this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

It’s pretty hard to become more of who you really are by closing the gap that arises from not matching your actions with your words and intentions, if you haven’t started to figure out this whole trust ‘thang’, so in this episode I talk about:

  • The importance of discernment and why we don’t need to see it as being judgemental
  • Why we experience sameness and what this has to do with being more discerning about who’s in our gang
  • The beauty of the Circle of Trust
  • Why somebody you’ve hardly known for a wet week and/or who hasn’t consistently demonstrated over time that they’re trustworthy, hasn’t earned the trusted position of being in the circle
  • Why family don’t have an automatic pass into the circle
  • Why we struggle to trust ourselves and others because trust is a gamble and we might perceive us to be a bad bet based on past experiences
  • The importance of having a debit and credit system approach to trust so that you can build self-trust
  • Why entourages, including your own people pleasing entourage, can have a negative effect if you have people in there that benefit from you doing things that are not in your best interests
  • That oft-quoted advice about how we’re the sum (or average depending on who’s saying it) of the five people we spend the most amount of time around

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Nat xxx

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