Relationships help us to heal, grow and learn. It’s through our relationships that we figure out what feels good and right for us, as well as what doesn’t.

Each relationship, regardless of the outcome, offers a window into understanding what we need. It is only through our relationships that we gain the wisdom and insight to break patterns. Without these experiences, we would remain blind to where we need to adjust and adapt.

We figure out what we want and who we are by discovering what doesn’t work and who we’re not. Sure, when we avoid relationships altogether or keep our heads in the sand, we feel ‘safe’ in our bubble. Nothing is challenged or we can kid ourselves that we’re making great changes in our thoughts without having to be vulnerable in our interactions with others.

Still, it is only through our relationships that we resolve and heal the pain, fear and guilt that may run deeper than we think. So we’ve got to show up for our past, present and future selves and be willing to learn from our relationship experiences. They invite us to see what we couldn’t before so that we release the emotional baggage holding us back. From there, we get to become more of who we really are.

Step into a new chapter of love and self-awareness with the ‘Break The Cycle’ ecourse.

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