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1. We are in charge of our own happiness….and our misery.

2. If it smells like BS, looks like BS, walks like BS, talks like BS, it IS BS, so walk away.

3. Feeling good is part of being in a relationship. If being in the relationship doesn’t feel good, doesn’t enrich your life and ultimately makes you feel miserable, walk away.

4. Big Penis does not equal Great Boyfriend

5. If you talk about your friend behind their back on a regular basis, you aren’t friends.

6. Relationships aren’t easy and they do take work.

7. Get over the idea that your ideal person ticks every single box on the list. Half the time we want the wrong things.

8. Don’t have sex too quickly – It pushes you into the Justifying Zone, that place we go to when we need to find wonderful things in a partner to reassure ourselves that sleeping with them was a good decision.

9. Anyone who makes getting into your pants the focus of their energy is not worth YOUR energy.

10. Being single is not a curse and should be embraced and enjoyed. There will come a time when having that blissful time to yourself will be a very distant memory!

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