It’s discomforting to let go of people who have been in your life for a time. We always imagine that friendships will last forever and that the trickier ones will get better. We don’t want to outgrow our friendships.

Part of growth and living is letting go of the old version of you. You are allowed to grow. It’s not a judgement on others if you no longer fit the relationship. You’re not doing something ‘wrong’ by letting go of the role you used to play.

As you create healthier boundaries and live more in harmony with your needs and values, not everyone who was part of your past will fit with the evolved you. 

The friendship helped you to grow. Whatever it’s meant to have been, it’s been. You can’t keep yourself small to hold on to a friendship that, for whatever reason, no longer fits with who you really are and who you are yet to become.

And of course, you will grieve; it’s a loss. Even if you continue to be friends but in a lesser capacity, letting go of what was or what you hoped the friendship would become brings up feelings of grief and loss. But you’re gaining more of yourself and making space for more mutually fulfilling friendships.

Be thankful that this friendship has shown you where you need to have less or more of something. Keep being more you.

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