In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, it’s a subject that has been such a big part of my own story–giving ourselves permission to grow, because, well, you’d be surprised how many of us hold ourselves back in conscious and unconscious ways because we feel as if we’re not supposed to be more than what we assumed we were in the past, or what we thought we ever could be, or, yes, definitely not ‘more’ than people in our family.


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Topics covered

  • That little kid inside of us almost pinching itself in disbelief and half-expecting for someone to come along and say that we’re in the wrong life and to basically pack our bags
  • Why wanting to grow makes us feel guilty or even disloyal
  • Why we can be afraid that by not playing a type or role that we’re going to take someone else’s job away
  • Fearing that people will think that we’ve gotten too big for our boots and forgotten where we came from
  • Does someone having a happy childhood mean that they’re a shoe-in for a happy adulthood?
  • Why growth isn’t just for us but actually, on a deeper level, it grows the family dynamic
  • How some people want to keep you at their level (or even beneath it…), not because you belong there but because they’re afraid of what you doing your own thing means about what they themselves are doing or not doing

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