Affairs are frustrating because they're not a real relationship but that's the very thing that makes them attractive to someone who is secretly afraid of intimacy and commitment.It’s time for a Why Did We Break Up? episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In this episode, Katie left her eight-year marriage because she knew that she wasn’t in love with her husband and had always felt this way and a month after separating, she connected with Lucas on her first day on Plenty of Fish–she hadn’t even put up her profile picture yet. At his request, they exchanged photos and arranged to meet ten days later. Just before they met up, he finally ‘clarified’ that he was married but that he and his wife slept in separate rooms and so between that and her assuming that if he was on a dating site then the marriage must be over, they proceeded. Twenty-one months later and she finally called time on the affair but still misses him and remains perplexed by where things went wrong. It’s time to answer the question, Why did we break up?

The posts I mention in the episode plus an extra one:

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