shadows of men on a wallThe dating world is a complicated one full of dodgy dates, misconceptions, and pigeon holing galore, and none more so than with the quintessential hard-done-by Mr Nice Guy. But, are ‘Nice Guys’ really that ‘nice’?

Trust me, it’s not because you’re the ‘Nicest Guy On Earth’ why you can’t pick up women – it’s either because you’re barking up the wrong tree, you’re mistaking certain qualities or characteristics for ‘nice’ when they are actually hindrances, or you’re actually just not that nice.

I believe there are four types of ‘Nice Guy’:

Assclowns, Bastards, and Jerks in Nice Guy Clothing

Men have far bigger egos and more self-esteem than women, which means that they often do not see themselves as they really are. Even if they’re cheating, beating, stealing, and generally dishonest, these guys would STILL sit there and tell you what a great guy they are. There are so many forums full of disgruntled men that blame ‘bitches’ that love Bad Boys for everything that’s wrong with their universe who have decided that they’re not playing nice and they’ll sleep with prostitutes from now on – What’s so nice about this?

Quick solution: These men need to get real about who they are and stop fronting. Only then might they actually learn to deal with their assclown selves.

The ‘Those Who Doth Protest Too Much’ Crowd

I have a rule of thumb which has stood me well for several years: If you need to keep saying how ‘nice’ you are, you’re not really that frickin’ nice. Genuinely nice people don’t go on about it and keep ramming it down your throat; they just are. Imagine if someone went around saying ‘I’m a really honest person’? It’s expected as a basic requirement of a decent human being that you are honest and act with integrity, so why make a point of it? Unless you’re not really what you profess yourself to be… I tend to find that the men who protest too much about being ‘nice’ are the very men who need to address the fact that there are OTHER characteristics that are holding them back. This also falls under the Poor Pathetic Me Whine

Quick solution: Shut up and put up. Nobody needs to hear how you’re the nicest person ‘ever’ – be yourself and just get on with being. If you’re acting nicer than you actually feel, you will end up being resentful and full of anger anyway.

Nice but boring or passive or unassertive or even silent

Nice doesn’t mean roll over. It doesn’t mean that a guy should play down strong characteristics such as assertiveness or ambition, and make out like he has hidden depths deep beneath a bushel. Not everybody can be an all-singing, all dancing, extrovert with perfect qualities, and nor would we want them to be, but people need to wise up to the fact that certain characteristics will hold you back regardless of the situation. If you lack assertiveness for instance, it won’t just hold you back on dates; you may find your efforts at work go unrecognised, or people may generally take advantage of you.??Quick solution: Recognise that these qualities that you may perceive as negative can be harnessed and used to your advantage. Spend some time getting to grips with the core characteristics that are holding you back and find out how to build and improve these skills.

Genuinely Nice Guys

Of course they exist and I am a firm believer that these men aren’t even bothering to label themselves as ‘nice’ or looking for love in the wrong places. They are emotionally available, have a decent respect for women and relationships, they have enough self-confidence to bring to the table, and they’re not trying to second-guess what the women think so that they can mould themselves accordingly. Unfortunately they will often end up picking up the pieces of women’s past relationships as they get tarred with the same brush and if they aren’t careful, they can end up becoming any of the above.

Quick solution: Be careful of other people’s emotional baggage as it may weigh you down – or become your baggage.

Just an excuse?

The term ‘nice guy’ is a blanket term used by women as an excuse to not pursue a second date and to give a wishy-washy reason for their lack of interest.

When a woman uses this excuse you will hear words and phrases such as:

‘boring’ ‘too nice’ ‘too quiet’ ‘not exciting enough’ ‘didn’t make me feel horny’ ‘would make a great friend’ ‘no sparks’ ‘unassertive’ ‘bland’ ‘would rather watch paint dry’ and the list goes on…

Men use it as the ideal blanket excuse for their lack of dating success.
Can’t get past date number two? Oh, it must be because I’m too nice/They don’t ‘get’ me/I don’t wanna treat her like sh*t/I’m a decent guy/I want to treat her like a princess and she wants to be treated like she doesn’t exist and bla, bla, bla.

Hence it would seem that whether women or men are speaking about the whole ‘Nice Guy’ issue, it’s all a bit of a get out option – the woman doesn’t have to delve any deeper into why she’s not attracted to him, even if it actually stems from something negative within her, and the guy gets to duck out of confronting any real problems and blindly chooses to bumble along assuming that he’s God’s gift to the nice boy camp.

Many women are attracted to men that reflect the negative things that they believe about themselves, love, and relationships. This is why there is this common misconception that women are chasing Bad Boys/Jerks when really, these women are drawn to and draw in relationships that cater to the negativity factor.

The fundamental problem with the whole Nice Guy saga is that Nice Guys who profess to be having problems with women because of their oh-so-nice qualities are the very men who are chasing women who don’t want them. They love women who barely recognise their existence and trample all over them and then sit there bemoaning their lack of dating success.

When a guy who believes that being ‘nice’ is standing in the way of his dates and relationships, he needs to step back and ask himself whether the types of women that he is chasing automatically create the problem.

It’s like this vicious circle, and the very thing that Nice Guys are lamenting about women is the very thing that they are doing themselves. It’s no different for men than it is for women: If you keep finding yourself in the same situation, at the same relationship crime scene, you need to start looking a little closer to home and ask what YOU are doing to contribute to the situation.

So I ask, are ‘Nice Guys’ really that ‘nice’ and are they getting a raw deal?

Your thoughts?

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