Why is it that when a man sleeps with a woman on the first date, the woman is seen as promiscuous and the man is seen as, well, a man?

A male acquaintance went on a first date with a woman and they slept together that night. He’s completely lost interest in her. He defended his position by saying that he felt that things were happening far too fast. I asked him what he would have done if she had said, “You have 2 choices. We can go and do what you have suggested, or you can come back to mine and I’ll shag you.” He said he would have shagged her. ?????????????

Apparently when a man is offered it to him on a plate he will almost always take it. It’s sex after all.

Men still get a kick out of it when a woman offers them the opportunity for sex. It is very difficult it seems for them to turn down sex. This is because it doesn’t happen very often unless you’re a singer/movie star/very loaded. Women are always being come onto by men. This has been happening since we were in our teens so it really doesn’t make us jump in delight when we get propositioned. In fact, mentally we’re probably thinking “Eff off” the majority of the time.

Do the litmus test and ask some men how many women have made eyes at them this week, chatted them up, or propositioned them for sex, and the answer will be zero, or a very low number. Ask most women and they can probably speak of a few encounters. It’s just how the world works!

Naturally all of the guys think that the guy in question is completely right not to be interested in her anymore. Their answer: “He’s realised that she’s just not his kind of girl”. It’s a shame he didn’t realise that before he had sex with her. Oh that’s right – He liked her until she gave it up!

I would like to send a ‘stiff’ reminder out to guys that it takes two to tango and it’s wrong for you to sleep with a woman and then put her down for doing so. If you don’t have enough respect for her to still like her after you’ve had a mutually fulfilling experience, you shouldn’t be dipping your willy in there in the first place.

Women make the mistake of assuming that because the guy is just as up for it and engaging in the act, that it will be OK in the morning. The majority of the times it won’t be, trust me.

When guys sleep with women knowing that they don’t respect women who sleep with them on the first date, it is gratuitous sex, which is had at the expense of the feelings of the woman. It’s so off that men put down women for knowing what they want in the sex department and going for it. Men do it ALL the time and in my 28 years, I’m yet to hear of a guy that gets put down by other men for having sex on the first date, or just being plain ‘ole promiscuous.

Men get patted on the back for racking up another conquest and women get a verbal kick in the teeth.

Now it is unfair of me to just be hard on the guys and women must take responsibility too. Be honest with yourself about what it really was that you wanted out of the date, because it’s no secret that the majority of guys struggle to look at first date sex as anything that can go beyond that, so you must be clear about what you expect to happen. Unless you know this guy really well and trust him, or there has been a meeting of the stars and you’ve both decided that it’s love at first sight, then keep your legs firmly closed.

I knew a woman that slept with almost every guy on the first date, despite claiming that all she wanted to do was settle down with a husband.

“I just don’t understand NML” she wailed. “They seem like nice guys, we have great chemistry and I just get so horny and they do too. I never hear from them again or get a load of excuses.” I knew that it was now or never and that it required bluntness.

“It’s because you keep f*cking them on the first date. You have to make a choice here: Do you want a husband or do just want to get laid?”

She looked outraged and I thought it had fallen on death ears, but it must have done something, because she’s settled down with someone after years of wading through a wasteland of first date sex partners.

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