Illustration of a black woman with braids by Natalie Lue saying "I've taken the love I gave to you and given it to myself."

One day, you stop taking the calls or returning the texts, and then you keep going.

Maybe it’s that you stop waiting around for this person to figure out that you’re the one for them.

Perhaps you tire of waiting for them to leave their relationship.

Or, maybe you’re exhausted from trying to convince them to be in a relationship.

One day you decide that you won’t be getting back together with this person just so that they can dump or mistreat you again.

Maybe being dial-a-lay or the underappreciated over-giving people-pleaser is something you can’t bear to do for even one more minute.

Why? Because you’ve taken the love you gave to him/her/them and given it to yourself.

Now, you can take care of you. Now, you can raise your standards.

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