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This week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions is on the topic of anxiety and intuition. I speak to so many people who feel confused because they’re experiencing anxiety at the same time as their intuition is trying to communicate with them. While working on some new classes about distinguishing intuition from fear and ego, I wrote the following:

“If, for example, you’ve routinely ignored your intuition when dating and in relationships, maybe putting libido, fear of being alone, fear of rejection, avoiding feelings, your lack of self-worth and what you hope to ‘get’ from them ahead of your wellbeing and being authentically you, guess what? You are going to feel afraid the next time you date or are in a relationship regardless of whether they’re similar to the past or are a healthier partner. Those experiences and your responses trained your subconscious to believe that you in a dating or relationship situation equals danger, distress, crying and obsessing for months on end. You can’t exactly blame you for being afraid!”

After sharing this with a few clients this week, I felt inspired to share it with you guys in this deep-dive on the topic.

Some nuggets from the episode:

  • Anxiety is a call for us to reassure ourselves and/or take action.
  • Fear (including anxiety) and intuition produce feelings in our body.
  • Our intuition serves us an impression about something without conscious reasoning and knowledge, but we also need to recognise that we have lots of information filed away in our subconscious. These impressions can be triggered by a sound, mannerism, language, tone, the setting and so much more — we’re just not consciously aware of this. This means that can be good, concrete reasons for sensing something that we’re just quite simply unaware of.
  • In situations where we’ve routinely ignored ourselves, intuition and anxiety are both right to show up.
  • We put a lot of pressure on ourselves by treating our intuition like a quality controller or fortune teller.
  • “If you routinely disregard your intuition, although it will still try to communicate with you, it may be difficult to hear it over the chatter of fear.”
  • “It’s worth considering whether your anxiety is going extra OTT because you don’t typically heed your intuition… Maybe it’s our body’s way of really trying to, in a hyperactive way, force us to pay attention because we haven’t and won’t pay attention to smaller signs.”

  • Feeling anxious and afraid while dating somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to jump ship, but it does mean that you need to be conscious, aware and present. If you ignore something about the person or the relationship that clearly communicates that you don’t share core values, that you’re incompatible, that it’s an unhealthy situation, anxiety will be there to try to make you take action. Continuing to date or continuing to be in a relationship in the same way that you have previously, doing the same habits that have led you into trouble, will not bode well for your well-being, the relationship or what you truly need and want in the future. That’s what your fear and your intuition are trying to communicate to you.
  • Sometimes we feel afraid in response to intuition because we’re afraid of what it’s expecting of us. It might be that your fear is requiring you to be something different to who you were in the past.
  • Sometimes our fear is afraid that we’re going to be who we were before.
  • Fear [outside of actual danger situations] is often a signifier that you need to get grounded and remember who you are and what you’re doing.

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