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Here’s what I cover in episode 26:

Just not that into me or unavailable? I was asked about this at You’re Not Going Crazy, They’re Unavailable, and it reminded me about our penchant for believing that a person’s ability and desire to commit is based on how much interest they have. I explain why, yes, it’s possible that someone isn’t into you if it’s early days in the relationship but when you’re several months, a year, several, a decade or more down the line, not only are they taking the beep but it just doesn’t take anywhere near that long to figure out that you’re not interested in someone. Saying that you don’t have enough feelings when you’re a year or so down the line, is the easy, lazy reason to reach for. | Check out 30 Signs of Disinterest

Our relationship with time. I talk about the baggage behind stressing about being late and at the other end, being chronically late and having a boatload of excuses for it. | Post on ‘super late’

Overnight success? Don’t be so quick to judge when it looks like someone is enjoying rapid success at something you want–you don’t know their journey including the struggles and mistakes they’ve made to get to this point or even what lies ahead.

Listener question. This week, Dawn wants to know what to do when you know what your values and boundaries are in principle but you don’t take any action on it and are afraid of experiencing any heartbreak by stepping up. | 30-day project: Embrace Healthy Boundaries

IMG_0625 (2)What I learned this week. It was World Book Day yesterday and my eldest went as The Little Girl Who Lost Her No, a book written by BR reader and yoga instructor Amy M. Starkey. We had a chat about the importance of and right to say no and they had some sage advice. Incidentally, Nia (6) has told me that she will run Baggage Reclaim when she’s older and that she would also like my engagement ring when I die–I’m belly laughing as I type this!

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