It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 53, I cover:

Preferences versus programming: Why do you do the things that you do or like or dislike certain things? I talk about distinguishing between autonomous preferences that make sense to who you are and the autopilot programming that can sometimes trip you up.

stay-in-your-own-laneStay in your own lane: Ever since I passed my driving test almost two years ago, I’ve noticed the parallels between driving and life. I share those insights to help you to own your own and let others own theirs so that you can reduce baggage and stress and enjoy greater contentment.

Points discussed include:

  • The real learning to drive begins after you pass your test and have to get out there on your own. That’s adulthood!
  • If you imagine that something terrible is going to happen every time you go out in the car, it puts you through a great deal of unnecessary stress and turmoil. It ruins the experience. If I listened to everything my inner critic and fears said, I would never drive. Funny that–life is exactly the same.
  • Being a conscientious and vigilant driver both in your car and in your life means that you can notice what’s going on around you and slow down and adjust where necessary so that you can take care of you.
  • When you get freaked out or angry on the road, you can’t just stay in the same spot and refuse to go anywhere. You have to get going again.
  • Often when we fume about what someone has done on the road or we think that they’re behind us angry and complaining, we look in the mirror and realise that they’re not there. They’ve moved. Same thing with life.

Courses mentioned: Embrace Healthy Boundaries | Tune In To Your Inner Voice

Broaden your horizons: Realising that a shop I walk past all the time is an outdoor and shooting equipment shop reminded me that we only notice what we notice and that we have to be open to increasing our awareness so that we don’t live our lives as if we know everything and that all we’re here to do is prove that.

Listener Question: Sylvia wants to know whether her reflection about her last relationship is really rumination and whether she should just stick it in a box so that she can get on with dating again.

Resource mentioned: Everybody bounces back at different rates | Ep #1 where I talk about knowing whether you’re ready to date again

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Nat xxx

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