The Baggage Reclaim Sessions PodcastWelcome to another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 78, I cover:

Why books can play an important role in our emotional journey: I talk about why we value certain authors, why some stories and subjects touch us deeply, how books are a gateway to new places, other people’s lives and an opportunity to learn about empathy and compassion, and why some people avoid reading because it activates their inner critic.

Why can’t we halt and just be?: I talk about why we don’t seem to recognise how maxed out we are, including not realising that we are over our stress threshold, as well as the negative associations that we have with relaxing including not wanting to appear to be like someone from our past.

‘How did you go about disclosing your emotional baggage to Em, Nat?’: This is a frequently asked question and I realised that so many people think that emotional baggage and our past is something that we almost need to lay out before the relationship proceeds– not the case!

Listener Question: Anonymous in San Francisco wants to know whether she should end her period of enforced No Contact now that she thinks that she’s recognised her part in things.

What I Learned This Week: I had what some would regard as one of the most awkward and emotional conversations one can have and yet, and it reminded me about the combo of authenticity and vulnerability.

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